"Interchurch Families" is a term coined to refer to Christian couples who come from two different churches yet participate in each other's church to varying extents. There are national and local associations of interchurch families around the world. The Association of Interchurch Families in the UK is perhaps the oldest English speaking association. Other associations in France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and Northern Ireland have been actively engaged in reflection and education regarding issues of pastoral concern to interchurch couples. The associations in Canada, the USA, and Australia are a more recent development.

At the world level there is now an Interchurch Families International Network (IFIN). In addition to coordinating communication between the national groups, the IFIN also maintains contacts with various ecumenical and ecclesiastical offices. The IFIN has a Theological Working Group that is currently studying the theological prospects of Vatican II's description of the family as "domestic church."

Documents from Interchurch Families

Documents from ecumenical commissions, leaders, and study groups