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The booksellers and publishers listed below regularly publish material of ecumenical interest. There may be many more publishers that we are not aware of, or for whom we do not have an address of URL. If you would like to add to or correct this list, please send your suggestions or updates with complete information.

You are advised that many of the publishers and distributors listed here will only be able to sell items in their catalogues to customers in designated areas. As well, all vendors will charge for shipping and handling. Taxes and customs duties should also be considered before choosing a vendor.

See our ecumenical booklist. We recommend these books on ecumenical and interreligious relations for your library. Please purchase your books through, in order to support this website.

Publishers and distributors

University Presses


Most of these booksellers sell new and used books. Many of them have an online order system. However, telephone enquiries are also accepted at some of the specialty stores. In a few instances, stores will accept a wish list from a customer, in case an out-of-print book is found. Do not forget to consider the publishers and university presses listed further down this page.